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Gray Riddance


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Product Description

No more gray!  Get rid of your gray hair with GRAY RIDDANCE, the natural, effective, and safe spray-on solution to covering gray hair permanently in just 3 days. Safe for relaxed or processed hair, Gray Riddance will not harm your hair nor change your non-gray hair color. It will turn your gray color to permanent subtle brown highlights! It is safe to use in conjunction with temporary and semi-permanent hair rinses, plus relaxers.  


Gray Riddance

Why Gray Riddance?

  • Have you ever been worried that your gray hair makes you look a little older than you actually are?
  • Are you sick and tired of spending a ton of money on coloring at your local hair salon?
  • Are you concerned with the long term impact of using harsh chemicals on your hair and body?

What Is Gray Riddance?

Gray Riddance is a product born out of necessity. Personal frustrations with graying hair led the maker to seek out a natural solution. Sure, she'd tried coloring at the hair dresser, dyes at home, and even considered using henna at one point. What she learned was this:

    • Coloring at the hair dresser is expensive, and you have to go way too frequently to keep the gray away.
    • Dying your hair at home is messy. Far too often the color “doesn’t quite look” the way you think it will.
    • Henna is temporary, extremely messy, and hard to really cover gray hair. 

This product changes your grays hair color without peroxide.  Think of it as hair color without chemicals.  You will see your gray gone in only three days, turns into highlights to cover gray hair.  Gray gone!  


How does it work?

Gray Riddance is a natural, cutting edge hair tint. It is permanent in the sense it literally transforms your graying hair into subtle, natural light brown highlights. Your non gray hair color is not changed.


How do I use it?

      1. Make sure your hair is initially dry, clean, and free of all other hair products.
      2. Spray Gray Riddance on your gray hair or new growth roots and massage softly with a comb or brush for complete penetration.
      3. Use Gray Riddance for three consecutive days
      4. That’s it!


Who is this for?

Gray Riddance is best for anyone with up to 30% gray hair, or what is known as “salt and pepper” type hair.





  • All natural, safe, effective and permanent - Contains no lead, no peroxide and no ammonia 
  • Very easy to use - just spray your hair 3 consecutive days!
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • May be used in conjunction with other chemical processes 



Make sure your hair is initially clean, dry and free of all other hair products (gels, conditioners and oil sheens). Spray GRAY RIDDANCE on the gray hair or new growth roots of your hair and massage softly with a comb or brush for complete penetration. Your hair should be damp but not wet and dripping from excess product (hair should air dry in about 10 to 15 minutes after application). Wear gloves if you are using your hands to massage the product into your hair and wipe away any excess from the forehead with water. Skin areas will be temporarily darkened for a few days if product is not removed from skin after each use. Use for three consecutive days, applying at about the same time each day. It is not necessary to wash your hair on Day 2 and 3 unless you use excessive amounts of gels or hairspray. If you wash your hair, wait at least 18 hours after each application. Try to minimize the use of other products during the three days. Wash your hands with soap and water after application. Do not use with previous applications of henna. If you have recently dyed or tinted your hair, wait four weeks and for relaxed hair wait one week before application. Please do a test patch as previous chemicals could cause undesired coloring effects. 

Uniform Coloring Technique: Even if your hair is dark brown or black, and you want the highlights to match your natural color, you can still use Gray Riddance. Use as directed and then apply a temporary or semipermanent hair rinse, like a cellophane. This process will tone down or cover the highlights making your hair a more uniform color. The rinse will last longer because Gray Riddance opens the cuticle of the hair allowing the color to thoroughly penetrate. As the rinse fades, you will see highlights instead of gray hair. Wait a few days after applying Gray Riddance before applying the rinse. This process allows you to maintain a natural approach to coloring your hair.


Hints and Tips

To get touch up spots (like the temple or new growth on your forehead), just spray Gray Riddance on a toothbrush and then brush that into the gray hair areas.



Water, SDA 40 Alcohol, Glycerin, DHA, Sage, Chamomile, Nettle, Black Walnut, Olive, Sea Kelp, Lavender, and Aloe.

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